Why the new arbitration bill is much ado about nothing

The bill’s particularly failure is to provide for a fixed the period of time for completion of arbitration proceedings.Get latest Legal online at cnbctv18.com Source: Why the new arbitration bill is much ado about nothing

MJ Akbar vs #MeToo Movement: How defamation cases play out in India

To constitute the offence of defamation, there has to be imputation and the imputation has to be made in the manner as prescribed in the provision.
Like in any criminal case, the offence of defamation has to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt and the trial includes examination of ocular and documentary evidence of both sides, arguments etc.

Why biosimilars are a huge opportunity for the Indian biopharmaceutical industry

The global biosimilars market is estimated to touch $15 billion by 2020. There is increased activity and growth in the biosimilars market globally with some of the best-selling biologics going off-patent.
To meet its global aspirations as a vital supplier of biosimilars, India must address some of the fundamental concerns that investors have about the Indian legal and regulatory framework for biopharmaceuticals.

E-cigarettes: Regulation and not prohibition is the answer

The concerns surrounding e-cigarettes have been addressed through reasonable checks and balances rather than extreme restrictions in these jurisdictions.Get latest Economy online at cnbctv18.com Source: E-cigarettes: Regulation and not prohibition is the answer

Sequential opposition delaying drug patents

Price is not the only barrier faced by patients in India. Access to all medicines is a formidable
issue – even to over the counter generic generic medicines. Medicines which are free and part of
Government programmes too do not reach those who need them the most. Further, poor patients
do not have access to even the most basic healthcare. In order to improve public health requires a
collective long-term commitment is required from the government, healthcare providers, and
others comprising the healthcare system, as well as establishment of infrastructure at the local leve


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